Terminal Land Compendium

Greetings, adventurer! This is the Terminal Land Compendium, your source for everything about Terminal Land. Dive in below.

A brief introduction

Terminal Land is a work of interactive fiction—it’s a story that you can play. It’s also a vast persistent online universe where you can hang out with other people, explore, and be whoever or whatever you want to be. You could slap a bunch of different labels on it—MUD, MUSH, MOO, MMORPG—but, in the end, it’s Terminal Land.

You play Terminal Land by typing what you want to do and then reading what happens next. There are no graphics, just the infinite imaginative possibilities provided by prose. If you’ve never played an interactive fiction game before, this handy reference card is a great place to start. (It’s about interactive fiction in general, but everything applies in Terminal Land.)

Command & Control

Doing things in Terminal Land is reasonably intuitive; just say what you want to do and the game will try to do it (as long as it knows how). For example, PUNCH THE CLOCK, EXAMINE THE ORNATE MIRROR, and TAKE TWO PEANUTS AND GIVE ONE TO PRAMI are all valid commands. We call commands verbs, and there’s more to learn about them.

Items & Inventory


Movement & Exploration

More to come, but you can learn about places or view a network diagram of all places.

Lore & Legend


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